What We Believe

We are Ordinary people who believe the gospel of Jesus

Hume Presbyterian Church is a group of ordinary people, of all ages, from varying walks of life and nationalities, who have been saved by Jesus and forgiven by God. As Christians, we confess the problem of our individual rebellion against God and the hopelessness of our state before Him. God’s solution to our rebellion problem is the great news of the gospel of Jesus! The gospel says that we can be adopted as God’s children; by simply turning from our rebellion and unbelief, by placing our complete faith and trust solely in Jesus, who graciously took the punishment that we rightfully deserve for our rebellion against God. In response to what Jesus has done, we love, serve and follow Him.

We are Biblically Faithful

We are a Bible based Church, believing that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Therefore, we make a priority of reading and teaching the Bible. The Bible is the source and basis of what we believe, do and aim to be.

We Worship together and Pray

We can each worship God individually during the week, but there is something special about meeting with others to worship God together. We pray that God will be glorified in all that we do.

Prayer plays a central part in the life of a disciple of Jesus (a Christian). We are told to devote ourselves to prayer (Col 4:2). We know God is sovereign and we want to bring all things to him in prayer.  The apostles devoted themselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word (Acts 6:4). Following their example, we see prayer as a key part of the life of our church.

We are a community of love and encouragement for growth in Jesus

Being loving is an integral part of being a Christian (1 John 4:7-21). We are to practice love because God himself is love. We love each other because God first loved us. Our desire is to imitate our God who showed his supreme sacrificial love in sending his son for us. Through our love as a church we are witnesses to God. (John 13:35; 2 Cor 5:18-20). We also practice love because love is the reason Christians can face judgement with confidence (1 John 4:17-20).

Whenever we meet together, we share our lives in order to help and encourage each other to live our lives in service of Jesus, following in His example. Our desire, for each person connected with our church, is for them to grow in love, understanding, and obedience to Jesus. We know people will only grow through the power of God’s Spirit as he applies his word to their hearts. So we provide biblical training to better equip each disciple to live out their faith.

We Serve

In response to how Jesus lived and saved his people, we aim to follow in his footsteps. Jesus is the servant King and serves His people. As disciples of Jesus we too need to live a life of service. Therefore, as followers of Jesus, there is an expectation for all members of Hume PC to give freely of their time and money to the cause of the gospel. We want all members to be serving in the church and community as their gifts and situation allows.

We follow Jesus as his disciples

The Bible calls us to be disciples of Jesus. Being a disciple of Jesus means to follow the example of Jesus in our lives. Jesus says “whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it” (Mark 8:34-35 NIV). This is the only sort of disciples there is. We are to confess our allegiance to Jesus in the face of a hostile world, to serve him and his mission whatever the cost.

Making Disciples

Hume Presbyterian is committed to seeing new life in Hume

From the great commission in Matthew 28:19-20 we see that making disciples is the normal agenda and priority of every church and every Christian disciple. This should happen in our churches, our homes and our neighbourhoods. Therefore at Hume PC it is our desire to make and nurture genuine disciples of Jesus.

We aim to connect and build friendships with people outside our church family who don’t yet know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Our desire is that they would know Jesus as the Bible teaches. We are grieved that so many people in our community do not follow Jesus. We are passionate to see thousands in Hume come to know and follow Jesus. As a result, we want to equip everyone to share the great news about who Jesus is and what he has done.

Doctrinal beliefs

Our doctrinal beliefs are summarised in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

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