March Membership Month

The Presbyterian Church has a formalised membership avaliable to those who are regular attenders at Hume PC.

During the month of March, we asking people to consider church membership at Hume PC.

It is a great privilege to belong to the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.  It is truly wonderful to be numbered among God’s covenant people, who have received spiritual life from Jesus Christ.  This spiritual life guarantees us a peaceful and eternal existence with God and genuine blessings for our time here on earth.  The privileges of belonging to the family of God have their focus on Jesus and are practically centred on the operations of the local church. We also see in the Scriptures that God has given His people certain tasks and responsibilities as we worship God with our whole lives and build others up in Jesus. 

As a member, you will have the right to vote and take full part in all congregational meetings, and a resposibililty and commitment to love and serve the Church at HPC with both your time and money as best you are able.

Please contact Luke if you are interested in becoming a member
0422 630 236